ADHD Treatment: The benefits of Using Meditation as Medication

ADHD makes it difficult to remember things, to focus, and to be attentive for long periods of time. It can be hard watching your child struggle with these challenges. You don’t understand. Your patience runs thin sometimes. It can be frustrating for you, your child, teachers, and peers. No one understands unless they are also struggling with ADHD. One of the possible things that can help is meditation for ADHD.

Meditation for ADHD

While medication has come a long way and can help improve your child’s day-to-day function, research has found another answer. Enforcing meditation as part of your child’s daily dose of meds could be very beneficial for them.

Why it Works

Mindfulness and meditation can help your child develop skills from the inside out to combat the challenges of ADHD. Practicing mindfulness through meditation helps your child learn to control themselves and their wandering mind. It allows them to self-observe, trains their attention, and create a connection to experiences that can stress or overwhelm them.

Research shows that ADHD children randomized to yoga experienced greater improvement over time compared to children who exercised. Children who use stimulants while practicing yoga experienced the greatest improvements.

In order to be effective, this meditation can’t be an hour-long commitment then forgotten about. The key is to learn to apply mindfulness throughout one’s daily life. Mindfulness is something your child will have to decide to practice for themselves. You especially cannot force it. But suggesting meditation and giving them access to meditating activities such as yoga, tai-chi, and qigong is a way to point them in the right direction.

Resources for meditation for ADHD

Let us make it clear that meditation should not REPLACE your child’s prescribed medication, it should complement it. The idea is for your child to function on a daily basis at their highest potential and practicing mindfulness can be helpful in every aspect.

You can guide your child in mindful meditation with breathing practice, sitting meditation, and walking meditation. You can also refer them to places in the community that specialize in meditative practices.

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