Individualized Care at New Focus Academy

Individualized Care at New Focus Academy We are dedicated to providing truly individualized care and tailored experiences for each student. As an autism support program, we focus on supporting each student’s diverse needs, perspectives, and goals.   Our smaller program size plays a pivotal role in creating an intimate and supportive environment. With fewer students,…

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Embracing Community at New Focus Academy

Embracing Community at New Focus Academy Being a part of a community is integral to personal growth. Students at New Focus thrive because they are in an environment where they not only learn but actively contribute to the social fabric around them.   Getting our students out into the community is a deliberate choice. We…

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Sibling Education and Support In Trying Times

sibling struggles

Sometimes when one child requires more attention or has different needs, siblings can feel left out or confused. It is important to have open and honest conversations with siblings about their important role in the family and how they can help their brother or sister.  Talking to Siblings With younger siblings, the most important thing…

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