Autonomy Development Model

Our Unique Model for Success on the Spectrum

Helping students reach their highest level of autonomy motivated John Webb and Dr. Brandon Park to develop the Autonomy Development Model.

The model combines the student’s progression through the stages of autonomy with the treatment team’s changing approach as we work together to increase the student’s autonomy and quality of life. This unique model is just one thing that makes New Focus a stand-alone choice in autism support.



Progressive Stages of Autonomy

  • Awareness: Pinpointing success barriers through interviews, observations, and assessments.
  • Targeting: Selecting specific barriers to address, enhancing the student’s motivation and readiness.
  • Strategies: Crafting a plan to adapt and overcome these barriers.
  • Implement: Practicing new skills in everyday situations, with ongoing evaluation of progress.
  • Fluency: Establishing positive habits where the student consistently makes healthy decisions with their newfound autonomy.


In this video, John Webb discuss the use of the Self-Efficacy Theory to encourage neurodiverse students to believe in themselves and develop healthy confidence in their ability to achieve goals.

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Staff Roles Throughout the Stages

Our team adapts and evolves its methodology in response to each student’s growth in autonomy. Initially playing an intensive role, the involvement of our treatment team incrementally shifts as the student develops and demonstrates increased levels of independence.

  • As a Caretaker, our team provides intensive, attentive support while students learn to navigate their own autonomy.
  • Transitioning into a Guide, we offer feedback while students start making autonomous decisions.
  • In the Fluent stage, we act as a dependable Resource, supplying tools to facilitate the students’ independent living and enhance their quality of life.

Our commitment is to work collaboratively with families of children on the spectrum, ensuring a tailored experience that respects their individuality and prepares them for a self-sufficient future.


Success on the Spectrum

Understandably, many parents express concern about their child’s ability to navigate life independently and make beneficial choices. Our program is strategically developed to nurture this critical skill, enabling neurodiverse students to attain the highest possible level of autonomy and quality of life.

Talk to our team about how our model supports students struggling with social and functional challenges associated with Autism or other neurodivergent diagnoses.

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