Research-based techniques used to help your child succeed.

Individualized Treatment

Every child has a different set of needs, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment. We understand this and reflect it in each student’s treatment plan.

Personalized Coaching

Each student gets assigned a coaching team member who will help him with goals, objectives, and feedback throughout each week.

Group Therapy

Students will have daily group therapy sessions, which can include social skill building, music group, goals group, reflection groups, and many others.

Animal Stewardship

Developing a relationship with an animal enhances confidence, resilience, and relationship-building capabilities.

Recreational Therapy

Students will have a weekly recreational activity (rock climbing, cycling, etc.) to help push students out of their box and learn skills to build self-esteem and ability.

Treatment Environment

Our curated environment promotes prosocial behavior, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, and community living skills.


At New Focus Academy, we help adolescents struggling to form and maintain meaningful relationships. We also teach students methods to improve their functional living skills including self-care, homework, chores, and leisure planning.

We help to empower these students by teaching and practicing social, coping, organizational, and self-care skills. As they succeed in the program, they become more confident and self-assured as they deal with day to day life.


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Positive Reinforcement, Positive Outcomes

We don’t just want to reward our students, we want them to understand the process and how to work on self-improvement. Through the use of positive reinforcement techniques, we work with the parents, treatment team, and coaches to identify a student’s genuine goals and how to best reach them. Our relationship-based, positively-oriented approach helps our students succeed.


Oftentimes, our students are too familiar with failure and it’s discouraged them from trying. Our therapeutic approach boosts self-esteem and revives the confidence needed to take steps forward and try new things.


With a strengthened self-esteem, students are able to move towards independence with stronger footing. They’re no longer paralyzed by the fear of failure and can cope with challenges.


Part of independence is being able to regulate and express yourself in a healthy manner. Over time, our students learn how to do this in a way that’s transferable back into the real world.


To improve the quality of our students’ lives, we employ very specific treatments and tactics. New Focus Academy uses the following Evidence-Based treatments while developing our students’ autonomy.

Our students’ struggles and anxiety have lead them to believe that it’s impossible to succeed—we use motivational interviewing to get rid of that belief. Steps include: establishing rapport, assessing readiness, assessing motivation/confidence, allowing student to identify problems and solutions, and following up and figuring out the next steps.

Acceptance, Value Clarification, and Commitment make up ACT. This mindfulness exercise is a tactic used to help our students become more flexible in their thinking.

We use Self-Efficacy Theory to encourage our students to believe in themselves and develop healthy confidence in their ability to achieve goals.

Resiliency is the ability to overcome adverse events, trauma, or stress. Our students have higher levels of stress, so we use Resiliency Therapy to help them cope effectively.

Social-Emotional Fluency (SEF) was developed by Dr. Park and John Webb based on emotional intelligence. By treating emotional intelligence as a language, our students learn and apply lessons better.

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