Teaching Independence with Values, Not Rules

The values we live by, our standards, our principles, our belief systems in who we want to be as a person and with how we treat people, creates a sense of purpose and direction to how we live our lives. It is important to understand that rules are meant to support principles. Communities (societies) base the rules they live by on the guiding principles and core values of their community. As a New Focus community we ask ourselves, what values do we live by, how do we want to be seen, what do we want others to know us by, or what qualities do we want to be remembered for? Below are Values that young people like yourselves created to help in building our program.

An Approach that Works

Our approach has been carefully curated with our students in mind. We’ve designed New Focus Academy to help your child learn, grow, and thrive. Our community is an innovative relational model built on a positive peer culture.


Core values that guide our program and our students.


Being part of something bigger than yourself, where there is support and caring for others. Sharing your time, your energy, and your ideas help to build community. Understanding this helps you to become an important part of any group you join.


Working hard to accomplish goals even when times get difficult. Being determined, resilient, and pushing oneself to overcome tough obstacles takes dedication! Dedication leads to success.


Honoring and caring about others, yourself, and the shared space we live in demonstrates respect. Treating other people, yourself, where you live and work, and your environment with true respect is a powerful skill. People will respect you when you show respect.


Knowing the right thing to do and following through with it, even when no one is looking. Honesty with people, building trust, and creating a sense of moral beliefs leads to having integrity. When people know you have integrity they will believe in you and trust you.


Being aware of all the gifts you have in your life and expressing thankfulness to everyone helping you. Gratitude is important because it helps us build and maintain strong positive relationships with others.


Holding yourself accountable for the things you do and say. Making sure you follow through with things you are assigned to do or promise to do is showing responsibility. Responsibility is a key feature of independence and maturity, which is part of growing into an adult and gaining freedom.


Finding moments of happiness and joy in what you do and with people we care about and trust creates meaning in life! Supporting and allowing others to find joy protects your own ability to have and obtain joy. Having and sharing joy also makes people want to and love to be around you.

We can help your child work towards independence.

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