Typical Week

Daily Opportunities for Growth

Each day is a new day, a day for potential growth and learning. At New Focus, we seek to make every day an opportunity for our students to develop and work towards their goal of independence. Our students frequently struggle with communication, self-care, impulse control, and confidence when they arrive. Our daily activities–recreational and therapeutic–were designed specifically to help with these issues.


Learn about how we can help them succeed.


If you feel your child requires extra support to discover his or her potential, New Focus will help. With your input, we develop a plan of action based on your child’s individual strengths and needs. By challenging our students to use their strengths to accomplish goals, they become more confident and motivated to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Find out how we can help your child make lasting changes.

Typical Week Breakdown


Academics, Life Skills Education, and Experiential Opportunities

building sustainable skills and knowledge

Our structured schedule allows for a safe, predictable atmosphere with designated school, therapy group, and study hours. As they progress through the program, students are exposed to new challenges helping build life skills and independence. We want our students to develop lessons and skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. 


Individualized Therapy & Coaching

evidence-based approach and support

Many of our students arrive at the program feeling like failures or burdens. Our evidence-based therapy techniques allow students to learn and generalize skills in a supportive environment. Dedicated coaches empower students to practice these skills in everyday scenarios to gain fluency.


Social Development & Group Therapy

a community meant to help your child grow

We believe a supportive community is essential for each student to connect with peers and embrace learned skills. With support and meaningful connections, students gain the ability to interact with others successfully. Our daily groups offer opportunities to share, learn, and challenge our students on and off campus.


Getting Out of the Box with Recreational Therapy

positive activities that build confidence

The choices a student makes for leisure has a huge impact on his or her personal development. Our dedicated staff use recreation to teach and practice valuable social skills, get students out of their comfort zones, and expose them to new, positive leisure experiences.


Actively Participating in Meals

wellness includes mental and physical health

Nutrition plays a huge role in a person’s health and well-being. Instead of placing a plate in front of our students, we empower them to participate in every step of the meal planning process. From planning, budgeting, and preparing meals, our students learn the benefits of healthy eating.