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Evidence-based techniques merged with a passion to help teens reach their full potential. 

New Focus Autonomy House is a new extension of the program which helps students launch into independence with additional support. The program is based on the Autonomy Development Model created by New Focus Academy’s Executive Director and Founder, Dr. Brandon Park, where staff becomes more of a resource as teens demonstrate that they are able to make more independent informed decisions.

After several months as a resident at New Focus Academy, boys between 15 and 18 have the option to transition to the Autonomy House, where they have additional program privileges and more opportunities for independence.

Students who transition to the Autonomy House have demonstrated increased Social-Emotional Fluency and are prepared to practice the skills they’ve learned in the community. The boys are expected to have a job or a volunteering commitment. They are encouraged to create and manage their personal schedules with less staff supervision.

At the Autonomy House, teens are able to utilize local services, coordinate their own transportation to activities, use technology mindfully, manage their own money, and make connections with people in the community.

  • Age to participate: 15 yo +
  • Male
  • Current resident at New Focus Academy
  • Must have 3 to 4-month successful history with managing cell phone
  • Must have a job or volunteer community commitment
  • No history of violent/damaging outbursts within 2 months at NFA
  • Good Neighbor for at least one month
  • Respectful within the community while a resident at the house
  • Able to demonstrate appropriate community involvement for 3 months at NFA
  • Passing grades
  • Can’t be on safety care
  • Can’t be on cooperation team
  • No school refusal
  • Maintain job/or volunteer commitment
  • Following rules/expectations when at NFA house

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Autonomy House

  • Located in the heart of the city, 2 blocks from Main St
  • More phone/electronic privileges
  • More opportunities for autonomy
  • Students create own structure (meal planning including eating out and ordering food in on occasion, activities, time management)
  • Student-driven processing groups
  • Internet, chrome book access 
  • Managing own money with assistance/limits
  • Ability to use services within the city (ordering meals, gym membership, movies, bowling alley etc)
  • Ability to make and maintain friendships within the community as part of their social-emotional growth
  • Creating and managing individual schedules with staff supervision
  • Ability to participate in Drivers Education
  • Bike or walk in the community  with coaches permission
  • Able to coordinate own transportation to activities or interests