The New Focus Approach

New Focus Academy believes all teens deserve the chance to lead productive, independent lives. Our therapeutic residential program and specialized school give adolescents (ages 12-18) struggling with social and functional challenges from Autism or other neurodivergent diagnoses a chance to gain the necessary skills to live independently. Through decades of experience and proven methods, immersive experiential activities, and a small, close-knit community, our students have the time to grow emotionally and socially while learning and applying valuable life skills.

About Us

New Focus uses an evidence-based, integrative approach in addressing all of our students’ unique needs and abilities.

Improve Independence

Students focus on learning and developing valuable life skills to gain independence after completing the program.

Build Self-Esteem

By taking an active role in becoming more independent, students build confidence and self-esteem as they progress through the program.

Healthy Relationships

Students learn and practice necessary interpersonal skills cultivating positive relationships with others.


Education & Experiential Learning
At our autism school, students’ unique learning abilities are addressed through individualized education programs. As students work towards graduation, they also learn valuable life and vocational skills preparing them for employment.

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Individualized Therapy & Coaching
Treatment addresses each student’s specific needs through goals, objectives, and positive feedback. The coaching team provides support and guidance in a variety of therapeutic settings.

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Social Development Groups
New Focus is a small community designed to help students feel comfortable in social settings and not feel overwhelmed. Students develop appropriate social skills and practice them through experiential activities.

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Physical Health & Recreation
Students participate in daily fitness and outdoor recreation activities to promote well-being. Engaging Recreation Therapy experiences teach students to develop a positive, fulfilling leisure lifestyle.

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Learning Life Skills
Our students learn important life skills, such as being actively involved in meals. They learn budgeting, planning, preparing, and clean-up, which empowers them to take an active role in nutritional choices.

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Focus on Principles, Not Rules
Rules are meaningless without an understanding of the principles behind them. Rather than teaching rules, we focus on helping students understand Our Six Core Values and how they can apply them in their everyday life.

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You may be stressed and feel like it’s a dead end, but your family has options. Your teenager is capable of being independent and living a full, happy life. We’re ready to help your family move forward.

Program Highlights

Community Success

Neurodiverse students can be easily overwhelmed. New Focus purposely designed a small, close-knit community with only two students per room, a limited number of students and staff, and small classrooms.

Proven Approach

New Focus’s founder, Dr. Brandon Park, a Clinical Neuropsychologist, designed this innovative approach. Led by Six Core Principles and driven by the Autonomy Development Model, students achieve remarkable progress based on neuroscience and evidence-based practices.

Practical Life Skills

Through groups, classes, and real world experiences, students learn valuable life skills including:

  • Healthy meal planning and preparation
  • Practical job skills and experience
  • Expressing difficult emotions in appropriate ways
  • Forming stable relationships with others

Greater Independence

Through practice in the main home or perhaps through our unique Autonomy House, student confidence allows them to progress towards independence.

Through practice in the main home or perhaps through our unique Autonomy House, student confidence allows them to progress towards independence.


New Focus developed the Autonomy Development Model (ADM) based on decades of practice and experience. Recognized for its effectiveness, ADM was designed specifically to help students thrive in the real world.