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According to a recent study led by Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) may be one of the most common learning disorders among children in the United States. Despite the prevalence among teens, Nonverbal Learning Disorder is often misunderstood, as there is some overlap between more common neurodevelopmental disorders, like Autism Spectrum […]

Our brains are evolutionarily wired to respond to distractions. As our world has become full of distractions, teens with autism often struggle to filter out irrelevant information and become easily overstimulated. They’re either caught up in the future or the past and constantly jumping between the two and struggle to be present when they need […]

While many teens watch movies mindlessly, they are unconsciously picking up on social cues and learning how to relate to characters. Many teens find that lessons characters learn on the big screen can translate to their own lives. Using movie time to teach social thinking is not necessarily a new concept. Teachers are beginning to […]

Teens with autism struggle with becoming more independent and making decisions on their own. They are more likely to reject help and act impulsively or self-destructively or rely on caretakers to continue to meet their needs. Neither of these paths are effective in helping teens with autism live healthy, independent, and productive lives. While it […]

In recent years, the diagnosis referring to High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, was removed from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual in favor of Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a spectrum disorder, it reinforces that the disorder is diagnosed based on problems in the same foundational areas, with a diverse range of abilities. Rather than being compared on […]

Have you ever seen cartoons where they depict the brain as an office with each employee in charge of different functions? The executive functions of the brain are in charge of networks responsible for time management, emotion regulation, and planning ahead. Teens with executive functioning disorder have bosses in these areas, but they have trouble […]

herapeutic help can be very beneficial for autistic teens. Autism is a disorder that can impact one’s life from every angle. Teens may need special attention and guidance during their adolescent years. The teenage years especially can be years in which learning to self-navigate and manage hormones is very overwhelming and exhausting. As a parent […]

Executive functioning disorder in teens can bring about new challenges in the adolescent years. This is a time in their life in which they experience many developmental changes and hormones. This can make parenting challenging. It can often feel like a power struggle between you and your teen. As a parent the most important thing […]

Teens who struggle with executive functioning disorder face a variety of challenges. What is tough for one may not be as large of a struggle for another individual. Executive functioning treatment for teens should be designed to best fit the needs of the individual. There are many treatment options for getting your teen the best […]