Embracing Community at New Focus Academy

Embracing Community at New Focus Academy

Being a part of a community is integral to personal growth. Students at New Focus thrive because they are in an environment where they not only learn but actively contribute to the social fabric around them.


Getting our students out into the community is a deliberate choice. We believe that experiences beyond the classroom are rich learning opportunities.

Whether it’s a visit to a local business, a recreational outing, or participating in community events, these outings expose our students to real-world scenarios, aiding in the development of practical life skills.






Interacting with the community is more than a social exercise; it’s skill-building in action. From communication and problem-solving to adapting to new environments, each interaction becomes a stepping stone for personal development.

We guide our students to not just navigate but actively engage with the community, instilling confidence and enhancing their ability to thrive in diverse social settings.














At New Focus Academy, our smaller milieu size allows for more individualized opportunities to engage with community.


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