Sparking Creativity: ADHD in Teens

Research shows creative thinking is not uncommon for individuals who have ADHD. This could prove beneficial to teens when entering adulthood. Individuals with ADHD have a tendency to resist conformity and ignore typical information. These qualities can serve as an asset in the professional world. Studies show that individuals may be more flexible in tasks that require creating new things.

Often times teens with ADHD may show a desire to do the following:

  • Explore new ways of doing things
  • Take more risks than the average person
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Want to try new things
  • Delight in solving problems
  • Prefer to research and continuously learn new things over implementing routines

Encouraging Creativity

As a parent you should never suppress your child’s desire to be creative. This can be a great way for them to exercise their strengths. This will also help your teen to build their self-confidence.

Here are some great ways to encourage your teen to hone in on their creativity:


  • Don’t stress the schedule. Do not try to over-schedule your teen. They don’t always have to be kept busy. Give them time to do “nothing”. This is when they can explore things that they want to explore. Their creativity needs freedom to run wild rather than being penciled in on the calendar.
  • Give them space. Aside from emotional space, your teen needs physical space to be creative. Set aside space for your child to be creative. Accept that creativity can be messy sometimes.
  • Offer encouraging words. You should motivate your teen and praise them for their creative efforts. Whether they show it or not, your opinion is of value to them. Encourage them to be creative and do what they love.
  • Get creative with them. Sometimes you should join your teen in their creative thoughts or projects. Talk with them, do project together. This is a great way to bond and keep the communication open between you and your child.


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