The Effectiveness of ABA Therapy for Autism

ABA Therapy, what does it mean? ABA stands for “Applied Behavioral Analysis”. This is a leading type of therapeutic approach for adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA therapy for Autism is based upon a set of behaviorist theories. These theories are based off of the idea that appropriate behaviors can be taught through a system of rewards and consequences. This concept can sound elementary, but the concept of applying specific rewards and consequences to achieve measurable and independent goals is actually new. ABA therapy can be seen as a revolutionary way to address the needs of individuals who struggle with the challenges associated with Autism.

How it Helps

ABA Therapy incorporates another type of therapy to achieve its effectiveness. Here is a simplified breakdown of how it works:

Discrete trials therapy”: This is the beginning approach. This is a way in which a therapist tests the child’s response. They may ask them to do a simple task, his or her compliance will depend on if a reward or consequence will be given at the end of the trial. The reward may be in the form of a high five, snack, or something else that means something to the child.

Discrete trials therapy is the initial evaluation or assessment of the child. This is where the therapist will determine if this type works for the child or not. If not, there are other styles of ABA therapy that may work better.

The Benefits of ABA Therapy

Now that you may have a greater understanding of how ABA therapy works, consider the benefits from a broader perspective.

  • This type of therapy can be used in the real-world setting, rather than only in a 1:1 therapy session.
  • The behavioral experience taught through ABA can improve your child’s school and social performance.
  • They will be able to better manage their emotions.
  • ABA serves as a great teaching tool to educate adolescents on the idea of consequences that come from certain behaviors
  • ABA therapy has demonstrable success in achieving specific outcomes

New Focus Academy can help

New Focus Academy is a residential treatment center for boys ages 12-18 who struggle with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders. The program utilizes positive reinforcement to increase the student’s self-esteem and independence. The skills they learn at New Focus will help them learn to have positive social interaction, organization, and improve their self-management skills. Students are given the opportunity to gain the confidence they need to foster and maintain healthy relationships and lifestyle habits. We can help your family today!

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