A Guide to Finding Help for Autistic Teens

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herapeutic help can be very beneficial for autistic teens. Autism is a disorder that can impact one’s life from every angle. Teens may need special attention and guidance during their adolescent years. The teenage years especially can be years in which learning to self-navigate and manage hormones is very overwhelming and exhausting. As a parent you may feel helpless and unsure how to best help your child. Therapeutic care may be a good option.

The Pluses of Therapeutic Treatment

Therapeutic treatment may be a good idea for your child. A medical professional can help you determine this through proper assessment and evaluation. The benefits of therapeutic treatment are extensive.

Here are some ways in which this treatment type can provide help for autistic teens:

  1. Build social skills. Building social skills is a valuable part of adolescent development. This is a step towards their ability to be independent. Therapeutic treatment allows autistic teens to get individualized therapy and coaching on how to appropriately practice social skills in the real world.
  2. Develop independence. Therapeutic programs create a practice model in which students are able to create meaningful goals and work towards independence. In these programs, adolescents may be faced with simple and some complex tasks in which they will learn how to self-navigate and complete.
  3. Implement evidence-based techniques. Sending your child to a therapeutic program means putting them under the watch of qualified professionals who have extensive knowledge and research-based practices that can truly help your teen.
  4. Create relationships. It is important that you know therapeutic programs do not mean “sending your child off” to isolation. These programs allow them to be around others who experience the same struggles in which they can learn from and bond with. They will also develop meaningful connections with therapists, coaches, peers, and community members in the area.

New Focus Academy can help

New Focus Academy is a residential treatment center for boys ages 12-18 who struggle with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders. The program utilizes positive reinforcement to increase the student’s self-esteem and independence. The skills they learn at New Focus will help them learn to have positive social interaction, organization, and improve their self-management skills. Students are given the opportunity to gain the confidence they need to foster and maintain healthy relationships and lifestyle habits. We can help your family today!

Contact us at (844) 313-6749.

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