Executive Functioning Treatment For Teens: Learning the Options

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Teens who struggle with executive functioning disorder face a variety of challenges. What is tough for one may not be as large of a struggle for another individual. Executive functioning treatment for teens should be designed to best fit the needs of the individual. There are many treatment options for getting your teen the best help. First, they should be evaluated by a professional and follow a treatment plan from there.

Here are some of the various treatment options:


Behavioral Therapy can help teens learn to regulate their actions. This is a common ADHD treatment. The primary goal of the treatment is to teach teens to consciously replace negative actions with healthy actions. Through this therapy, they will create a plan with healthy habits to integrate into their lives.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of talk therapy. This therapy addresses the emotional struggles that can come from executive functioning disorder. Therapists help teens get at the root of their struggle by reflecting internally on their feelings. Once teens are comfortable with confronting these feelings, they can then work to create healthy coping mechanisms. The mission with this type of therapy is to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Classroom Accommodations

The classroom setting can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming for teens who struggle with executive functioning disorder. School can trigger their anxieties and become more of a distraction than an environment conducive to learning. Helping teens with executive functioning disorder may mean seeking classroom accommodations. You should discuss with your teen’s educators an appropriate plan to set them up for success. Here are some examples of classroom accommodations:

  • Arrange for teen to sit in the front of the classroom for less distraction and to be in the teacher’s eye
  • Create daily checklists of things they need to accomplish
  • Break down big projects into smaller tasks
  • Provide them with the most concrete, specific instructions possible
  • Create a daily routine for them that is unchanging
  • Provide constant feedback so they know what they do well and what they need to improve on

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