Many times the labels or preconceived notions that come with an autism diagnosis can make teens feel different or judged. Having a strong sense of self-esteem can help remind teens that they are their own person and that having autism is not the single thing that defines them. Confident teens are also better able to […]

Sometimes when one child requires more attention or has different needs, siblings can feel left out or confused. It is important to have open and honest conversations with siblings about their important role in the family and how they can help their brother or sister.  Talking to Siblings With younger siblings, the most important thing […]

Overstimulation occurs when there is “too much” of some external stimulus or stimuli for a person’s brain to process and integrate effectively. This leads to an unpleasant sensation of being flooded and an impulse to escape the stimulus. Overstimulation for teens with autism can be sensory when a teen is overwhelmed by external stimuli such […]

In an era where a plethora of information, entertainment, and social interactions can be discovered at your fingertips, it’s common for teenagers to be glued to their phones, laptops, televisions, and tablets. It can be particularly appealing for teens with ASD to crave screen time because it can provide them a sense of comfort and […]

Parenting in general can be difficult, but parents of teens with autism deal with a unique set of challenges. When dealing with the struggles of behavioral issues with your teen, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Teens with autism may refuse or ignore requests, behave in socially inappropriate ways, like taking […]

We all want our teens to grow up and be healthy, happy, and successful in life. But success doesn’t necessarily mean making lots of money or being at the top of your field. Success means different things to different people, and for teens with autism, living an independent life can be the biggest success of […]

As parents, we want to see our children succeed and be happy. We understand that there will be challenges in life, but teens who struggle with making friends and understanding social cues may experience even more challenges around connecting with peers.  Why Teens with Autism Struggle with Social Skills Social skills are the rules, customs, […]

Change can be difficult for most people, but it is particularly challenging for people on the autism spectrum. Teens with autism typically appreciate the repetitive nature of a routine. Knowing what comes next can provide a sense of security and creates a sense of order. And while routine can be very beneficial for autistic teens, […]

Back to school time is usually filled with shopping lists, new clothes, and meeting new teachers and classmates. For many kids this can be an exciting time. But for others, especially teens on the Autism spectrum, back to school can be filled with anxiety and trepidation.  For teens on the Autism spectrum, change and new […]

As many as 80% of children with autism spectrum disorder have sleep problems, often from an early age. As parents and professionals seeking accurate diagnoses are encouraged to look to signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder in early childhood, researchers at the University of Washington have started to research the effect of sleep patterns on brain […]