Autism and The Neuroverse

Dr. Brandon Park, Neuropsychologist and Founder of New Focus Academy, in collaboration with Alta Swarnes, the academy’s passionate Family Connections Director, proudly announces the debut of their insightful new podcast. This innovative series aims to shed light on autism, neurodiversity, and related co-occurring disorders, merging the latest in neuroscience with genuine family and professional support strategies.

Titled “Autism and The Neuroverse” the series promises to engage listeners with topics crucial to understanding and supporting individuals with autism. Dr. Park, a dedicated advocate for neurodiversity with an extensive background as a cognitive neuroscientist, will lead the podcast, ensuring content is both scientifically rigorous and accessible.

Alta Swarnes, who brings to the table her rich experience in mental health and personal insight as a parent of a son on the Autism Spectrum, will provide a personal and professional perspective for listeners. Together, they will dive into discussions, interviews, and special training episodes focused primarily on autism, co-occurring disorders, and their associated challenges and opportunities.

Key Highlights of the Podcast, Autism and The Neuroverse:
  • Expert-Led Episodes: Dr. Park and experts from the New Focus team will guide discussions and interviews, drawing on a deep understanding of neurodiversity and autism.
  • Family and Professional Insights: Alta Swarnes will provide a unique perspective combining professional experience and personal understanding for families with neurodiverse children.
  • Specialized Training and Topics: Episodes will feature topical trainings and discussions, aiming to enrich general knowledge about autism and related disorders.

The podcast is set to become a crucial resource for families, educators, and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of autism and discover effective strategies for support.

“Our vision for this podcast is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge neuroscience and practical support for those on the autism spectrum,” said Dr. Park. “We’re excited to bring our listeners into these essential conversations in a format that’s accessible and engaging.”

Autism and The Neuroverse” is available now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, ensuring easy access for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge and support systems within the autism community. At this time, listeners can already tune into episodes on topics such as de-escalation, video games, cognitive distortions, home visits, and pre-employment transition services.

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