Take Control: Learning Disabilities Don’t Have To Control Your Child

Do you worry about your child who has a diagnosed learning disability? Well, you’re not alone. Many parents worry about their child’s ability to cope with their diagnosis in the school and real-world setting. It’s natural to want your child to achieve academic excellence and success, but remember that’s not the main goal in life. Happiness, health, and a fulfilling life are the three goals that you should want for your child. The achievement of these things begins at home with your support and encouragement.

You cannot cure your child’s learning disability. But you help them develop the social and emotional skills he or she needs to work through challenges presented by the disability. Learning to address and overcome obstacles such as a learning disability can help your child grow stronger and more confident. Your response to your child’s learning disability has a significant impact on how they view themselves. You should always practice patience and maintain a positive outlook for their sake and your own.

Handle with Care

It is important that you perceive and approach your child’s learning disability reasonably. Watch your own attitude and outlook. Here are some quick tips on how to enforce a positive start to your child’s success and lifelong happiness:

Look at the bigger picture. A learning disability isn’t invincible. Everyone faces obstacles. It’s up to you as a parent to teach your child how to deal with those obstacles. Feeling discouraged or overwhelmed is never the ideal outcome. Tests, school bureaucracy, and endless paperwork should never keep you from acknowledging and providing the emotional and moral support your child needs.

Be the expert. Do your own research. Keep updated on new techniques, developments, and resources that can help your child. You are the expert on your child. Take charge when it comes to finding the tools he or she needs in order to learn.

Advocate for your child. It may take several tries to get special help for your child. Embrace your role as a proactive parent and work on your communication skills. It may be frustrating at times, but by remaining calm, yet firm, you can make a huge difference for your child.

Keep the influence positive. Your child looks to you for guidance. Approach learning challenges with positivity, hard work, and a sense of humor. As a result, your child is likely to embrace your perspective—or at least see the challenges as a speed bump, rather than a roadblock. Also, focus your energy on learning what works for your child and implementing it the best you can.

Strengths over weaknesses. A learning disability doesn’t define your child. A learning disability represents one area of weakness, but there are so many more areas for strengths. Focus on your child’s gifts and talents. Your child’s life should not be controlled by their learning disability. Emphasize and make time for the activities where he or she excels.


New Focus Academy can help

New Focus Academy is a residential treatment center for young boys ages 12-18 who struggle with neurodevelopmental disorders. The mission of New Focus Academy is to use positive reinforcement and coaching strategies to increase independence and self-esteem in students who have prominent struggles with social interaction, organization, and judgment as a result of their disorder. After completing this program students feel more confident, capable, and equipped to handle day-to-day challenges in the healthiest way.

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