Autism and The Neuroverse

Dr. Brandon Park, Neuropsychologist and Founder of New Focus Academy, in collaboration with Alta Swarnes, the academy’s passionate Family Connections Director, proudly announces the debut of their insightful new podcast. This innovative series aims to shed light on autism, neurodiversity, and related co-occurring disorders, merging the latest in neuroscience with genuine family and professional support strategies.…

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What is an Autism School and How Can it Help My Child?

school phobia and autism

Research has indicated that students with autism can make progress on educational and social goals within inclusion classrooms. While both public and autism-focused schools can provide assistance for your child, there are a few important things to consider prior to making the decision of where to enroll your child. According to the National Research Council…

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Learning the Levels of Autism

levels of autism

Autism has become more and more visible in our world in the past few decades. From better understanding the diagnosis to seeing autistic characters in movies and TV shows, our perspective on autism has continued to widen. And while we may see more information about autism, it is important to understand that autism does not…

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Friendships are for Everyone: Helping Teens On The Spectrum Build Social Skills

autism and making friends

For any teenager, developing social skills is an important part of overall development. Adolescence is a time for fostering independence and creating new friendships. For teens on the autism spectrum, the development of communication skills is especially important. Typically, teens on the spectrum are not loners by choice. As children grow towards adolescents, there is…

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Residential Treatment Offers Support to Teens with Autism

residential treatment centers for high functioning autism

Deciding how to best provide support to your autistic teen can seem a daunting choice especially when there are so many options and strategies available. If interventions at home have not had the desired success, sending your child to a residential treatment center can have powerful benefits for both your child and the entire family…

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Why Social Skills Group Activities Matter for Kids

social skills group activities for kids

In order to function successfully and independently in society, children must learn important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, following directions, and self-control. In order to develop these essential skills, kids must be given ample opportunity to engage in social interaction and activities. Why social activities are important and how they help kids grow Engaging…

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Emotional Difficulties for Children with ASD

autism social and emotional issues

Children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder will experience similar challenges with emotional and social skills. While research indicates that these struggles are linked to a lack of development in certain areas of the brain tied to social-emotional functioning, early detection, and quality intervention can help improve these skills in children with ASD.…

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Nonverbal Communication in Teens with Autism

autism and nonverbal communication

Verbal communication is something that many of us take for granted. We are used to asking if something is wrong with a friend, or asking a family member what they need. But for some teens with autism, verbal communication can be challenging or nonexistent. Teens with autism may have difficulty developing language skills and understanding…

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