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As a parent, we spend much of our time thinking about our children. We worry about their struggles. We think about how we can celebrate their strengths. We hope that the world will accept them for exactly who they are. Parents of teens with autism have a unique set of questions and concerns for their […]

Up to 80% of autistic teens also experience intense anxiety symptoms. According to the Interactive Autism Network, “because of the social differences experienced by teens on the spectrum, such as trouble initiating or maintaining a conversation or adherence to strict rituals or schedules, additional stress to any of these activities may result in feelings of […]

While your body remembers the impact of a traumatic event, your brain is more forgetful after suffering traumatic brain injuries that can damage neural connections, executive functioning, and emotion regulation. Traumatic Brain Injuries can be caused by a variety of external sources, including concussions, sports, car accidents, falls, military service, or assaults. As the causes […]

Research shows creative thinking is not uncommon for individuals who have ADHD. This could prove beneficial to teens when entering adulthood. Individuals with ADHD have a tendency to resist conformity and ignore typical information. These qualities can serve as an asset in the professional world. Studies show that individuals may be more flexible in tasks […]

ABA Therapy, what does it mean? ABA stands for “Applied Behavioral Analysis”. This is a leading type of therapeutic approach for adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA therapy for Autism is based upon a set of behaviorist theories. These theories are based off of the idea that appropriate behaviors can be taught through a system […]

Traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among children and adolescents. When teenagers suffer from a traumatic brain injury, it is critical that they get the continued support and care they need. The problems and challenges one faces post traumatic brain injury vary on an individual basis. Traumatic brain injuries can […]

Executive functioning disorder in teens can bring about new challenges in the adolescent years. This is a time in their life in which they experience many developmental changes and hormones. This can make parenting challenging. It can often feel like a power struggle between you and your teen. As a parent the most important thing […]

It is normal for teens to have ups and downs. These ups and downs are often onset by hormonal changes during puberty. However, autism can bring about more challenges to the adolescent years. Teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can experience more severe and more frequent mood changes than other developing teenagers. This can result […]

Teens who struggle with executive functioning disorder face a variety of challenges. What is tough for one may not be as large of a struggle for another individual. Executive functioning treatment for teens should be designed to best fit the needs of the individual. There are many treatment options for getting your teen the best […]

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder poses high economic impacts for those who suffer from the condition and their families. The main point in revealing this fact is to shed light on how the best solution is to work to prevent FASD. The costs that come from receiving appropriate care for the condition varies based off of […]