Dr. Brandon Park


Founder / Executive Director

Dr. Brandon Park obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) in Psychology graduating with honors. He continued on at UNLV for his Masters and Doctoral degrees. While doing this his mind was drawn to the significance of the brain and cognitive processes, leading to studying neuropsychology for his Doctoral degree.

During Dr. Parks’ internship and post-doctoral studies, he worked with a wide array of clients suffering from traumatic brain damage, severe mental illness, fetal alcohol exposure, congenital/developmental disorders, anoxia, and stroke. Through this process, he learned about the power of cognitive rehabilitation, a dynamic field of looking at how we can improve brain function, and Dr. Park went on to create a cognitive training program for 1,200 patients at a state hospital.

As a neuropsychologist, Dr. Park is passionate about the importance of using assessment to make changes in the lives of the people he works with. He will use those skills to understand the barriers and limitations of the students under his care, as well as predict the heights of their potential.

Through many great opportunities, Dr. Park has developed positive interactive approaches using an understanding of the brain-behavior relationship leading to significant improvements in the students he works with. Dr. Park has also begun to see how properly designed adolescent programs could help students begin to take accountability for themselves, appreciate the power of their own choices, and assist families to improve the systems and interactions they need to have a rewarding relationship with their child. Dr. Park is excited to bring his knowledge, experience, and incredible team to you as we strive for success with your child.


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Cum Laude
  • MA, Clinical Psychology, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • BA, Psychology, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Cum Laude