Letter From Brandon


The idea for New Focus Academy started almost five years ago while helping a young man with a wonderfully unique brain to understand how great he truly was. His diverse mind saw the world quite differently from most of his peers. As a result, he became entrenched in electronics and video games to avoid dealing with the world and to manage his anxiety. This anxiety wrapped him up throughout his school day as he tried to manage a complex social world, but when he came home the people he trusted the most got the brunt of all of his day’s frustration. His parents truly cared about him but were unable to help this wonderful young man, their child, to find peace and work towards becoming a confident independent person.

Through my training and experience, I was able to help this young man understand the uniqueness and greatness of his brain. He went from feeling like a mistake to understanding how to adapt to a complex world and be happy with himself. Through creating a plan and a purpose with this young man and his family, he went on to successfully find independence, build relationships, and most importantly be happy with who he was.

Helping this young man to understand his own unique brain while helping his parents understand the underlying basis of his struggles and his true potential was one of many similar experiences leading me to my own sense of peace and purpose. Together with my partner, John Webb, we have created a program about helping young people with neurodiverse minds to understand who they are and the greatness they have inside while striving towards greater levels of independence.

We look forward to working with you and your child on this journey!


Brandon Steven Park, PhD
Executive Director of


The New Focus Approach.


Dr. Brandon Park has experienced struggles similar to our students, which makes him so uniquely able to help them succeed. Listen to him explain in the video to the left his past and why he’s so passionate about enabling these students to live full lives.

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