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Wendy Swain

Special Education Director

Wendy received her bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Western Governors University and has been working as an educator for students with learning/behavioral disabilities for over 10 years.

Before New Focus Academy, Wendy most recently worked as the Director of the Special Education Department at one of the top charter schools in the state of UT. While working in that capacity, Wendy oversaw the education of over 50 students at a time, creating and curating curriculum to fit each child’s unique learning style.

In addition to Wendy’s work in Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Skills, her favorite subject to teach and create curriculum for is math. “I used to think math was boring, but now it’s fun!” and “Math used to be really confusing, but now it makes sense!” are some of Wendy’s favorite things to hear from her students.

In her free time Wendy enjoys spending time with family, working in her garden, bird watching, and reading a good book.

Wendy is grateful to be working with the New Focus team and is excited to help you and your child meet their educational goals!