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Admissions Director

Graduating at the top of her class from the school of hard knocks, Marisa has learned valuable lessons as a previous student of a treatment program. Her personal journey through treatment and the ensuing experiences and growth have shaped who she is today. Marisa learned to never take life for granted and most importantly that everyone deserves to be given the best chance to succeed in life. Early in her adulthood, Marisa was a staff supervisor for a treatment center, where her passion and desire to help students reach their best developed into a strong desire to be part of a program she believed in. Thus, when the opportunity arose she was excited to become the Admissions Director for New Focus Academy.

Marisa has also spent 10 years working with families on insurance coverage and benefits. Thus, she is compassionate about family hardship and has a thoughtfulness to detail in ensuring work is accomplished and families are protected. Marisa looks forward to the opportunity to provide families and their teens at New Focus Academy a safe, supportive, and emotionally excepting environment to allow these incredible teens to discover the tools that will help them be successful in life. Her first step to this is providing support to their families as they endure the journey together with their child.

Marisa is self-diagnosed with Peter Pan syndrome. Living life to its fullest with her four fabulous kids and her amazing husband and best friend. Marisa sees life as one big adventure. Whether it’s on the ski slopes, lakeside in their boat, hiking to a waterfall, or dressing up in an inflatable T-Rex costume, you can guarantee there is fun to be had. Her enthusiasm, compassion, and love for the work is something she shares with our team, the students, and especially the parents and professionals working with us at New Focus Academy. We are excited for you to speak with and know Marisa, and we are sure you will love her.