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Academic Coordinator

Hope McArthur graduated from Flagler College with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education in Social Science. Instead of seeking a traditional teaching job, she found her passion for working with students in wilderness therapy. Hope has worked as a field guide in a variety of adventure, expedition and wilderness settings. Through these experiences, Hope has learned how to teach students important life skills like emotional regulation, frustration tolerance, and resiliency.

After spending many years teaching a neurodiverse population, Hope decided to return to school to pursue a Masters of Science in Special Education. This education has helped her used evidence-based methods to increase student understanding in the classroom. Hope utilizes project-based learning, specific feedback, and constant ‘low threat assessment’ to help students attain specific learning objectives. Most importantly, Hope is passionate about focusing on the student’s strengths to encourage lifelong learning.

In her free time, Hope enjoys skiing, climbing, hiking, and dirt biking. She grew up surfing and competed in skimboarding. Although Hope lives in Utah now, she loves to travel and surf in her free time. She loves her dogs and brings an ability to train animals to New Focus Academy. She loves to challenge herself to learn new things every day. Without a doubt, Hope is an all-star in her passion, dedication, and engagement with students. We are honored to have her on our team, and we know you will be grateful for what she teaches your child both in and out of the classroom.