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Coaching Supervisor

Christy Mecham, has had a long career working as a coaching supervisor, being involved in training, and coordinating programs working with special needs, rehabilitation, and mental health. In her twenty-plus years of working in this field she has gained a wealth of knowledge in understanding disability and emotional struggles. Her goal has always been to help others to have the most success they can achieve.  She enjoys seeing the students she works with overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Christy has a son and a daughter, and amazing grandsons. She loves camping, hunting, fishing, outdoors and being with her family and dogs. Growing up she had a sister who was born with malignant brain tumors causing her capabilities to be very limited. Christy’s sister led her to love those in need and learn to accept people as they are.

Through her experiences in this field, she has grown to love and respect people with various struggles and fight to make sure their rights and privileges are protected. We love having her as part of our NFA family!