Schools For Learning Disabilities

What are schools for learning disabilities?

Schools for learning disabilities help students that have any number of learning differences or learning disabilities. These schools focus on working with students that learn differently than typical students, and make sure that they have effective supports and structure in their learning environment.

In addition to having specific learning approaches that help their students, schools for learning disabilities can also have specific curriculum that is more appealing to their students. For example, for students that struggle with autism or aspergers, the inclusion of hands-on and experiential course work is helpful to get students that are on the spectrum engaged.

These schools can be day schools or boarding schools, meaning that students live on campus for the latter option. This approach is particularly effective with students that have learning disabilities or additional needs that are not supported in a more traditional learning setting.  Some schools for learning disabilities are co-ed, while others are single gender (all boys or all girls).

New Focus Academy is a school for learning disabilities located in Utah. New Focus Academy works with students from across the country to unlock their potential and find increased autonomy and independence. As a leading school for students with learning disabilities, New Focus Academy works with all types of learning disabilities, especially those associated with autism spectrum disorder, attentional disorders (ADHD or ADD), and executive functioning issues.

Working solely with this population allows New Focus Academy to tailor its curriculum and structure to meet the educational needs of adolescent boys with learning differences or disabilities. Additionally, New Focus Academy understands the social and emotional supports that these students can benefit greatly from. Therapeutic sessions, daily coaching, and experiential activities are built into the program at New Focus Academy to help these students achieve their goals and thrive.

schools for learning disabilities

Who do schools for learning disabilities help?

At a school for learning disabilities, there are a variety of students that can be served. This includes all ages, grade, and ability levels. Some of the most common issues that are addressed in these specialized schools are attentional disorders (ADHD or ADD), executive functioning deficits, and autism spectrum disorders. The best schools for learning disabilities will cater to the specific needs of the students in their population.

There is a school out there for every student with learning disabilities! While some schools provide help primarily to students local to the program, other schools for learning disabilities help students from around the country. One of the best examples of a school like this is New Focus Academy. Even though New Focus Academy is located in Utah, they help students from all over find support for their learning differences and gain independent living skills.

By focusing on the specific population of boys and girls ages 12-18 with learning disorders, New Focus Academy can provide the best evidence-based interventions that work with their needs. This includes small class sizes, motivational coaching, and experiential and hands-on activities. New Focus Academy provides a comprehensive program that takes into consideration the students academic, social, emotional, and family needs.

Why choose New Focus Academy?

Located in Utah, New Focus Academy is one of the premier schools for learning disabilities. As a boarding school for students aged 12-18, New Focus Academy helps students that are struggling with developmental delays achieve lasting change and success. This small program provides a warm and welcoming environment for its students to live and grow. New Focus Academy’s experienced team of professionals is dedicated to the growth and well-being of each individual student.

In the past, many students with learning disabilities have experienced deficit-oriented programming or feedback around their unique abilities. New Focus Academy seeks to break this pattern and helps students with learning disabilities through a strengths-based approach to change. This includes the use evidence-based concepts of Positive Psychology. Using this approach not only builds confidence, it is an engaging, empowering, and relationship-based method that helps our students believe in themselves.

What else makes New Focus Academy an ideal school for learning disabilities? Here are even more reasons to choose New Focus Academy:

  • Family Involvement: At New Focus Academy, we know that as much as our students need to heal and grow, their family systems do too. That’s why we utilize a family systems approach, consider parents a key part of the treatment team, and incorporate consistent family communication and visits.
  • Learning with Principles, not Rules: Our students are typically great following the rules! Unfortunately, life isn’t black and white and also doesn’t come with a rulebook. Therefore, we seek to help our students embrace the gray area by making decisions based on principles instead of rules. The six principles we collaboratively selected with our students are easy to generalize to all contexts and situations
  • Extended Length of Stay: Many schools for learning disabilities can help students achieve success in that specific environment, but when students transition, they go right back to their old patterns and begin to struggle again. New Focus Academy believes that investing additional time in our students results in more effective long-term results. Our goal is to achieve lasting change, not overnight success. With a length of stay of 12-18 months, we can change and build solid habits and skills.

At New Focus Academy, we believe all of our students with learning disabilities have the ability to lead independent, fulfilling, and purpose-driven lives. Our evidence-based treatment modalities ensure that we are providing the best quality interventions to help our students thrive as they shift into the next phase of life.

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