Autism Program For Teens Helping Families From Mississippi

Autism Programs Provide Outlet for Mississippi Teens On the Spectrum

Parents of teens with autism often watch their child becomes more and more frustrated by everyday activities and discouraged by social interactions. We can help. New Focus Academy is a full-service autism program for Mississippi teens who struggle with a range of cognitive and emotional limitations.Autism Program For Teens Mississippi

Although we are located outside Mississippi, we have helped students from across the country grow their confidence.

Many residents enter our autism program believing that they will never achieve any of their goals. We aim to cultivate confidence by practicing important everyday activities and stretching their abilities. Empowerment comes from understanding your body’s strengths and limitations. Throughout their stay, every New Focus Academy student can:

  • Engage in daily, age-appropriate exercise sessions
  • Participate in adventure programs like rock climbing and hiking
  • Share group problem-solving activities that require collaboration and creativity
  • Learn basic cycling skills for both exercise and transportation

Working together on these initiatives increases their competence and self-esteem, along with their physical capabilities. As residents learn that they can tackle a climbing wall or challenging group activity, they gain respect for their body.

Learning hard skills is just one part of developing a healthy sense of confidence. That’s why we also use an innovative Animal Stewardship program to teach students about personal relationships. By caring for an animal and cultivating its trust, students uncover valuable lessons about how to set their own boundaries and take responsibility for their actions toward others.

If you’d like to learn more about New Focus Academy’s comprehensive autism program, please contact us at (844) 313-6749.


Autism Program Fosters Healthy Independence In Mississippi Teens

Many students come to New Focus Academy’s autism program believing that they will never be able to build meaningful one-on-one connections with the people that they love and admire. Often, this misconception results from bullying or rejection from their peers. Our students learn to build positive, thriving connections with their families and friends, and to articulate sensible boundaries and expectations for their relationships. Located in Utah, away from your home in Mississippi, New Focus offers a safe environment with none of the doubts and struggles of home. Autism Program For Teens Mississippi

We do this by emphasizing the Academy’s six core principles for success, which were created by students to build their community:

  • Community: Supporting and caring for each other in order to truly better yourself and others.
  • Respect: Valuing others’ needs as highly as your own
  • Dedication: Being determined to accomplish goals, even in the face of opposition.
  • Integrity and Honesty: Doing what you know is right even when no one is looking, this includes honesty.
  • Responsibility: Being true to your words and accountable for your actions.
  • Gratitude: Being grateful for all the things you have and expressing thankfulness to those who help you.

In addition to interpersonal skills, our evidence-based Brain Training autism program focuses on cognitive development and covers a range of everyday skills, from making confident eye contact and respecting personal space to reading a daily bus schedule and using a computer program.

But learning the principles is only half the journey to independence. In order to fully trust their own abilities, students also need to feel prepared to adapt those principles to fit the situations they may come across in everyday life. By participating in our comprehensive, relationship-based coaching program, students are given the opportunity to practice these essential life skills in a supportive environment. Along with a trained mentor, they build a step-by-step plan to reach their goals, work collaboratively in a team of peers, and share their success with the special people in their lives. The confidence that grows out of this achievement makes a huge difference in our students’ lives.

To learn more about how New Focus Academy’s autism program can develop your child’s confidence and develop a healthy, independent mindset, please contact us today at (844) 313-6749.

New Focus Academy helps Mississippi teens struggling with challenges like:

– Mood Disorders
– Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
– Social Pragmatic Communication Disorders
– Social Difficulties
– Academic Failure
– Low Working Memory
– Aspergers
– Traumatic Brain Injuries
– Developmental Immaturity
– Anxiety
– Low Processing Speed
– Autism
– Nonverbal Learning Disorder
– Academic Difficulties
– Rigidity
– Sensory Issues


Asperger/Autism Network:Created to offer families support during the challenges of raising a child with autism, the AANE provides resources specifically written for parents, grandparents, siblings, and other relatives, as well as guides for specific circumstances. Family members can also register for a variety of coaching events and support groups.
Autism Support Network:This national community provides a welcoming environment for anyone with autism spectrum or Asperger’s syndrome. By connecting individuals with others who can provide vital information, therapeutic recommendations, and encouragement, the organization aims to create awareness of cognitive disorders and promote inter-community sharing.

New Focus Academy helps families from Mississippi and all over the country

New Focus Academy helps Mississippi families from cities and towns like: Madison Oxford Canton Nesbit Flowood Terry Ridgeland Hernando Brandon Carriere

New Focus helps struggling teens from Mississippi