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Texas Parents Turn to Autism Boarding Schools to Help Their Children

Raising a child with autism is not easy work. Their unique needs and behaviors often have parents from Texas struggling for answers. When parents are looking at therapeutic options for their child, autism boarding schools may provide the solutions to their child’s difficulties. Many times, parents experience stress about whether or not their child will fit in at a traditional school. With easily misunderstood behaviors like spinning, flapping, or rocking, parents fear their children could be easy targets for bullying – whether intentional or not. Children with autism are bullied at much higher rates than their neurotypical peers. Knowing all this, it’s easy to see why autism boarding schools are a natural fit for teens from Texas that are struggling with autism.

With skilled professionals support the needs of teens on the spectrum, autism boarding schools provide a compassionate and safe environment for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders. The accepting atmosphere and clinically sophisticated treatment strategies allow Texas children with autism to learn, grow, and build self-confidence. New Focus Academy is one of the top autism boarding schools and works with teens ages 13-17 that struggle with autism. This immersive program offers a variety of services and activities to help teens develop the skills they need to gain independence and autonomy.

Finding the Best Autism Boarding Schools for your Texas Teen

At New Focus Academy, each student’s specific needs and strengths are assessed and incorporated into an individualized treatment plan. From there, experienced therapists and coaches use immediate feedback, positive reinforcement, and motivation strategies to help students reach their goals. While students are pursuing their education at New Focus Academy, they are also receiving a variety of other programming: social, experiential, vocational, life skills, and recreational options offer a holistic approach to greater independence.

The wish of every parent is to see their child living a happy and full life. New Focus uses evidence-based, clinically sophisticated approaches to help your Texas child living with autism reach their potential. Please call us at (844) 313-6749 to learn how New Focus Academy’s approach to treatment will help your child.

A Unique Approach Helps Kentucky Teens in Autism Boarding Schools

It is a major decision to have your Texas child with autism enroll in a residential program. You know their unique needs and abilities, and you wonder how they will be addressed during treatment. The leading autism boarding schools offer a holistic and whole-person approach to care that surpasses basic classroom instruction and social skills work.

With innovative treatment approaches, New Focus Academy is different than other autism boarding schools. They have a comprehensive Relationship Approach that looks at all areas of need, ability, and growth for each student. The Relationship Approach has six key components:

1 – Cognitive Enhancement: Evidenced-based approaches focused on improving cognitive abilities.

2 – Social Emotional Fluency: Moving beyond social skills to develop an understanding of how social skills play into the bigger picture.

3 – Animal Stewardship: By working with animals, students learn to read non-verbal cues and develop deeper relationship skills.

4 – Coaching Based Methods: Students receive in-the-moment feedback that helps motivate them to achieve their treatment goals.

5 – Team Building and Adventure Therapy: These experiential approaches help students get out of their comfort zone in safe and fun ways.

6 – Positive Reinforcement Approach: This inspires and motivates students to learn, develop, and grow.

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Utilizing evidence-based practices, New Focus Academy supports Texas students in skill development, improved relationships, and increased independence. Highly trained staff use research-based approaches and techniques in order to provide the most helpful interventions possible. Most importantly, each student is viewed as an individual ready and eager to become a productive, happy member of society.

With rolling admissions, New Focus Academy is enrolling students from Texas. If you think your 13-17 year old would thrive at an autism boarding school, call New Focus Academy today to learn about the effective and evidence-based approaches they utilize for teens on the spectrum.

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