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Pennsylvania Parents Turn to Autism Boarding Schools to Help Their Children

Raising a child with autism is not easy work. With distinctive needs, parents from Pennsylvania can be overwhelmed by how to handle things. When parents are looking at therapeutic options for their child, autism boarding schools may provide the solutions to their child’s difficulties. Many times, parents experience stress about whether or not their child will fit in at a traditional school. Some of their child’s maladaptive behaviors like flapping, rocking, or repeating phrases could be easy targets for bullies or those that don’t understand this developmental disorder. According to Autism Atlas, about 66% of children with autism are bullied. Knowing all this, it’s easy to see why autism boarding schools are a natural fit for teens from Pennsylvania that are struggling with autism.

Autism boarding schools have teams of dedicated professionals that provide a safe and nurturing environment for teens on the spectrum. The accepting atmosphere and clinically sophisticated treatment strategies allow Pennsylvania children with autism to learn, grow, and build self-confidence. New Focus Academy is one of the premier autism boarding schools for children 13-17 years old. The intensive program provides many opportunities for students to discover their potential and begin their path towards independence.

Finding the Best Autism Boarding Schools for your Pennsylvania Teen

Each student at New Focus Academy is individually assessed to fully understand their unique strengths and specific needs in order to create a comprehensive master treatment plan. After this is complete, compassionate coaches and skilled therapists use an innovative combination of motivational coaching, feedback, and positive reinforcement to assist each student in reaching their unique goals. While students are pursuing their education at New Focus Academy, they are also receiving a variety of other programming: social, experiential, vocational, life skills, and recreational options offer a holistic approach to greater independence.

Every parent wishes their child could live a fulfilling and independent life. By using research-based approaches, New Focus Academy helps your child from Pennsylvania do this. Please call us at (844) 313-6749 to learn how New Focus Academy’s approach to treatment will help your child.

A Unique Approach Helps Idaho Teens in Autism Boarding Schools

The decision to enroll your teen from Pennsylvania with autism spectrum disorder in a residential facility is not an easy one. You know their unique needs and abilities, and you wonder how they will be addressed during treatment. The best autism boarding schools offer treatment approaches that are more than just teaching skills, classroom activities, and generic community outings.

With innovative treatment approaches, New Focus Academy is different than other autism boarding schools. They offer a holistic Relationship Approach that addresses each individual student’s needs and opportunities for growth. The Relationship Approach has six key components:

1 – Cognitive Enhancement: Evidenced-based approaches focused on improving cognitive abilities.

2 – Social Emotional Fluency: This goes deeper than simply social skills, and helps students foster a true understanding of the connection between self and others.

3 – Animal Stewardship: Animals act as wonderful mirrors for humans – students learn emotional regulation skills in the context of relationship.

4 – Coaching Based Methods: Giving students immediate feedback, positive reinforcement, and motivation to reach personal goals.

5 – Adventure Programming and Team Activities: These appropriately challenging activities allow students to practice communication and advocacy skills.

6 – Positive Reinforcement Approach: Using a relationship-based approach along with positive reinforcement helps students develop skills and self-esteem.

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With groundbreaking approaches, New Focus Academy helps Pennsylvania students develop the skills they need to achieve independence. Expertly trained staff use the latest techniques and approaches based on scientifically proven results. Each student is seen as the true individual they are, ready to blossom into their well-balanced and productive life.

With rolling admissions, New Focus Academy is enrolling students from Pennsylvania. If you feel your 13-17 year old child would benefit from New Focus Academy’s groundbreaking approach to treating autism spectrum disorder, please call us at (844) 313-6749 to learn more about this autism boarding school.

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