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Oklahoma Parents Turn to Autism Boarding Schools to Help Their Children

At times, it can be challenging to raise a child with autism. Their unique needs and behaviors often have parents from Oklahoma struggling for answers. Parents considering autism boarding schools for their child are looking for answers to their child’s struggles. Many times, parents experience stress about whether or not their child will fit in at a traditional school. Some of their child’s maladaptive behaviors like flapping, rocking, or repeating phrases could be easy targets for bullies or those that don’t understand this developmental disorder. According to Autism Atlas, about 66% of children with autism are bullied. These are just some of the reasons that autism boarding schools are an ideal option for Oklahoma teens with autism.

Autism boarding schools have teams of dedicated professionals that provide a safe and nurturing environment for teens on the spectrum. This welcoming space and evidence-based practices help teens from Oklahoma grow and thrive! New Focus Academy is one of the premier autism boarding schools for children 13-17 years old. The intensive program provides many opportunities for students to discover their potential and begin their path towards independence.

Finding the Best Autism Boarding Schools for your Oklahoma Teen

With a thorough assessment and intake process, New Focus Academy identifies each student’s strengths and needs which helps inform their individualized master treatment plan. After this is complete, compassionate coaches and skilled therapists use an innovative combination of motivational coaching, feedback, and positive reinforcement to assist each student in reaching their unique goals. New Focus Academy not only provides your child from Oklahoma with an education, this leading autism boarding school also offers a whole-person approach to care that covers social, emotional, recreational, vocational, and life skill aspects.

Every parent wishes their child could live a fulfilling and independent life. New Focus uses evidence-based, clinically sophisticated approaches to help your Oklahoma child living with autism reach their potential. Call (844) 313-6749 today to hear how New Focus Academy’s autism boarding school can help your child from Oklahoma.

A Unique Approach Helps Georgia Teens in Autism Boarding Schools

The decision to enroll your teen from Oklahoma with autism spectrum disorder in a residential facility is not an easy one. While you are keenly aware of their needs, you wonder if those needs will be addressed appropriately through treatment. The top autism boarding schools provide a comprehensive and inclusive approach to care that goes beyond basic skills and classroom instruction.

New Focus Academy has a treatment approach unlike other autism boarding schools. Their integrated Relationship Approach offers holistic treatment addressing each student’s needs and abilities. The Relationship Approach has six key components:

1 – Cognitive Enhancement: Research-based techniques to improve overall cognitive functioning.

2 – Social Emotional Fluency: This goes deeper than simply social skills, and helps students foster a true understanding of the connection between self and others.

3 – Animal Stewardship: By working with animals, students learn to read non-verbal cues and develop deeper relationship skills.

4 – Coaching Based Methods: Students receive in-the-moment feedback that helps motivate them to achieve their treatment goals.

5 – Adventure and Team Building: Safe, structured activities to help students learn communication and emotional resilience.

6 – Positive Reinforcement Approach: This inspires and motivates students to learn, develop, and grow.

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Utilizing evidence-based practices, New Focus Academy supports Oklahoma students in skill development, improved relationships, and increased independence. Expertly trained staff use the latest techniques and approaches based on scientifically proven results. Each student is seen as the true individual they are, ready to blossom into their well-balanced and productive life.

With rolling admissions, New Focus Academy is enrolling students from Oklahoma. Please call (844) 313-6749 to learn about how New Focus Academy can help your 13-17 year old with their innovative autism boarding school.

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