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Ohio Parents Turn to Autism Boarding Schools to Help Their Children

At times, it can be challenging to raise a child with autism. They have very specific and unique needs that can leave parents from Ohio grasping at straws for what will work. Autism boarding schools for Ohio families may be able to provide the answers that families are looking for to solve their child’s behavioral or social issues. Many times, parents experience stress about whether or not their child will fit in at a traditional school. Some of their repetitive or maladaptive behaviors like rocking, flapping, or intense reactions can cause them to be made fun of by their peers or people that are not familiar with the signs of autism. Children with autism are bullied at much higher rates than their neurotypical peers. These are several reasons why teens from Ohio can benefit from attending an autism boarding school.

With skilled professionals support the needs of teens on the spectrum, autism boarding schools provide a compassionate and safe environment for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders. The accepting atmosphere and clinically sophisticated treatment strategies allow Ohio children with autism to learn, grow, and build self-confidence. New Focus Academy is one of the premier autism boarding schools for children 13-17 years old. This immersive program offers a variety of services and activities to help teens develop the skills they need to gain independence and autonomy.

Finding the Best Autism Boarding Schools for your Ohio Teen

Each student at New Focus Academy is individually assessed to fully understand their unique strengths and specific needs in order to create a comprehensive master treatment plan. After this is complete, compassionate coaches and skilled therapists use an innovative combination of motivational coaching, feedback, and positive reinforcement to assist each student in reaching their unique goals. New Focus Academy not only provides your child from Ohio with an education, this leading autism boarding school also offers a whole-person approach to care that covers social, emotional, recreational, vocational, and life skill aspects.

Every parent wants to see their child live to their fullest potential. New Focus Academy helps teens from Ohio do this with innovative and effective approaches for children with autism. Call (844) 313-6749 today to hear how New Focus Academy’s autism boarding school can help your child from Ohio.

A Unique Approach Helps Florida Teens in Autism Boarding Schools

The decision to enroll your teen from Ohio with autism spectrum disorder in a residential facility is not an easy one. You are an expert on their limits, abilities, and needs, and you likely wonder how all of those things will be managed in treatment. The top autism boarding schools provide a comprehensive and inclusive approach to care that goes beyond basic skills and classroom instruction.

New Focus Academy has an innovative treatment approach that is different from other autism boarding schools. They offer a holistic Relationship Approach that addresses each individual student’s needs and opportunities for growth. This Relationships Approach is made up of six key components:

1 – Cognitive Enhancement: Evidenced-based approaches focused on improving cognitive abilities.

2 – Social Emotional Fluency: Immersive opportunities to develop critical interpersonal skills.

3 – Animal Stewardship: Learning valuable life and relationship skills by helping to care for therapy animals.

4 – Coaching Based Methods: Students receive in-the-moment feedback that helps motivate them to achieve their treatment goals.

5 – Team Building and Adventure Therapy: These experiential approaches help students get out of their comfort zone in safe and fun ways.

6 – Positive Reinforcement Approach: This inspires and motivates students to learn, develop, and grow.

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Through innovative therapies, New Focus Academy teaches Ohio students practical life skills and independence. Skilled and highly trained professionals use validated techniques and approaches to ensure the most effective treatment. Most importantly, each student is viewed as an individual ready and eager to become a productive, happy member of society.

New Focus Academy is currently enrolling students from Ohio. If you feel your 13-17 year old child would benefit from New Focus Academy’s groundbreaking approach to treating autism spectrum disorder, please call us at (844) 313-6749 to learn more about this autism boarding school.

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