Autism Boarding Schools For Families From Michigan

Michigan Students Learn Independence at Autism Boarding Schools

As one of the fasting growing developmental disorders, autism touches the lives of almost 1 in 60 children in the United States. The signs and symptoms of this disorder vary widely, and children with autism often struggle to live independently. One of the more common symptoms is that children with autism are easily upset when their routine is changed. Forming relationships can stressful and difficult, as can daily living skills. Also, their intense focus on certain activities may have them neglect basic life skills. These are some examples of why autism boarding schools are ideal for Michigan teens that are struggling with autism.

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For children from Michigan, autism boarding schools help them gain the skills they need to lead fulfilling and well-balanced lives. These intensive programs immerse students in an environment to grow and thrive.

New Focus Academy helps students with autism gain autonomy and is one of the top autism boarding schools. By working on different areas of their lives – academic, social, and vocational – students are able to create positive and lasting change. Experienced therapists and coaches provide guidance and positive feedback to help students reach their specific goals. Their clinically sophisticated approaches are backed by evidence-based scientific practices.

What Makes Our Autism Boarding School For Michigan Teens Unique?

Your teen from Michigan is seen as an individual at New Focus Academy. After identifying his or her unique strengths and areas of growth, your teen will have a master treatment plan developed that is completely tailored to them. This plan guides your teen’s growth toward increased independence and autonomy.

If you have tried in-home or school-based interventions and they have not been effective, New Focus Academy could be exactly what your son or daughter needs. From learning life skills, positive social interactions, and preparing to join the workforce, New Focus Academy teaches teens ages 13-17 to become more independent. Learn more about this leading autism boarding school and the next steps you can take by calling (844) 313-6749 today.

Michigan Parents Discover the Benefits of Autism Boarding Schools

Autism boarding schools present a difficult – yet rewarding – decision for many parents. Parents always want to do what is best for their children – but for a child on the spectrum, going to a new place can be challenging and stressful. They wonder if their Michigan teen will feel accepted and safe. Parents also want to make sure that this type of treatment will be beneficial in addressing their child’s problematic behaviors.

Even though this is a difficult decision, many Michigan parents realize that autism boarding schools are the most appropriate option for their child on the spectrum. At autism boarding schools, children on the spectrum are able to get help from dedicated professionals that have extensive training in working with autism spectrum disorder.

Our Autism Boarding School’s Evidence-Based Approach

New Focus Academy is one of the top autism boarding schools that helps teenagers ages 13-17 that are struggling with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. Their evidence-based approaches provide students with the following opportunities for growth:

– A chance to complete high school and prepare for the workforce through vocational activities.

– Intensive social skills training to help students become more connected with staff, family, peers, and individuals in the community.

– Developing essential life skills helps students to become more autonomous across all areas of their lives (examples include budgeting, meal preparation, and using public transportation).

– Team building activities and adventure therapy help improve decision making and problem-solving skills.

– Opportunities for real-world practice of the skills and lessons they are learning in group, therapy, and school.

– Intentional opportunities to build self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-confidence by achieving appropriately challenging goals.

Let’s start planning your child’s successful future.

Our Program Can Help Your Child

New Focus Academy provides a warm, safe, and welcoming environment that is supervised by highly trained staff. Through in-the-moment feedback, motivational approaches, and evidence-based practices, your child will be able to lead a happier and more full life. Call (844) 313-6749 to learn about New Focus Academy and how this autism boarding school can help your Michigan teen.

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