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Kentucky Students Learn Independence at Autism Boarding Schools

As one of the fasting growing developmental disorders, autism touches the lives of almost 1 in 60 children in the United States. Many children with autism have different presentations of the disorder, though it is very common for it to affect their ability to live independently. They may get very upset by minor changes in routines and their environment often causing meltdowns. Forming relationships can stressful and difficult, as can daily living skills. Also, their intense focus on certain activities may have them neglect basic life skills. This diverse range of issues illustrate why autism boarding schools are an ideal option for teens from Kentucky.

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Autism boarding schools help Kentucky children challenged with autism live productive, independent lives. With these immersive programs, students can find the support they need to succeed.

New Focus Academy helps students with autism gain autonomy and is one of the top autism boarding schools. By working on different areas of their lives – academic, social, and vocational – students are able to create positive and lasting change. With direction and insight from our highly qualified therapists and coaches, students are able to reach their individual goals. Their clinically sophisticated approaches are backed by evidence-based scientific practices.

What Makes Our Autism Boarding School For Kentucky Teens Unique?

Each student, including your Kentucky teen, is treated as an individual at New Focus Academy. After identifying his or her unique strengths and areas of growth, your teen will have a master treatment plan developed that is completely tailored to them. This plan begins the journey towards independence.

If conventional educational approaches haven’t been effective for your son or daughter, New Focus Academy might be the answer. With a holistic and whole-person approach to growth, New Focus Academy works with teens ages 13-17 to increase self-esteem and independence. Learn more about this leading autism boarding school and the next steps you can take by calling (844) 313-6749 today.

Kentucky Parents Discover the Benefits of Autism Boarding Schools

It can be challenging for parents to consider autism boarding schools for their child with autism. Even though an autism boarding school may be what is best, parents worry about how their child on the spectrum will adjust to this new place. They often wonder how their child from Kentucky will adjust, and whether or not they will be happy there. Parents also want to make sure that this type of treatment will be beneficial in addressing their child’s problematic behaviors.

Though the decision is difficult, Kentucky parents may find autism boarding schools to be the best option. At autism boarding schools, children on the spectrum are able to get help from dedicated professionals that have extensive training in working with autism spectrum disorder.

Our Autism Boarding School’s Evidence-Based Approach

New Focus Academy is one of the top autism boarding schools that helps teenagers ages 13-17 that are struggling with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. Their research-informed approaches offer students these outcomes:

– Small classroom sizes for students to complete high school in an accommodating environment, along with vocational opportunities to help ready them to work after high school.

– Social skills training is a crucial piece that allows students to foster deeper relationships with peers, family, staff, and the world around them.

– Life skill development to make students more independent in a variety of areas in their lives including personal hygiene, nutrition and meal preparation, fitness, personal safety, and using transportation.

– Learning how to cooperate in a team setting and adventure therapy helps teens on the spectrum improve communication skills.

– Opportunities for real-world practice of the skills and lessons they are learning in group, therapy, and school.

– An opportunity to build self-confidence, emotional resilience, and self-esteem by accomplishing challenging, yet manageable goals.

Let’s start planning your child’s successful future.

Our Program Can Help Your Child

New Focus Academy provides a warm, safe, and welcoming environment that is supervised by highly trained staff. Through in-the-moment feedback, motivational approaches, and evidence-based practices, your child will be able to lead a happier and more full life. Please call New Focus Academy today at (844) 313-6749 to learn more about this autism boarding school and hear how they can help your child from Kentucky.

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