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Alaska Students Learn Independence at Autism Boarding Schools

As one of the fasting growing developmental disorders, autism touches the lives of almost 1 in 60 children in the United States. Children with this disorder have a variety of symptoms that challenge their ability to live independently. They may get very upset by minor changes in routines and their environment often causing meltdowns. They also have a difficult time creating meaningful relationships with others and performing basic life skills. Autism can cause children to hyperfocus on activities that they find interesting or soothing, though this can have an adverse effect when they inadvertently forget to complete daily living tasks. All of these issues are perfect examples of why autism boarding schools are essential for children from Alaska.

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For children from Alaska, autism boarding schools help them gain the skills they need to lead fulfilling and well-balanced lives. These specialized programs provide a safe environment and a holistic approach to help their students flourish.

New Focus Academy is one of the leading autism boarding schools holistically teaching students how to live independently. With a blended focus on school, extracurricular and leisure activities, and social skills work, New Focus Academy helps students achieve lasting change. With direction and insight from our highly qualified therapists and coaches, students are able to reach their individual goals. Their clinically sophisticated approaches are backed by evidence-based scientific practices.

What Makes Our Autism Boarding School For Alaska Teens Unique?

At New Focus, your Alaska teen is treated as an individual. His or her specific strengths and needs are assessed and developed into an individualized treatment plan. Using this plan, your teen will begin their journey to increased autonomy and independence.

If more traditional schooling approaches have not worked for your son or daughter, New Focus Academy can help. By providing a whole-person approach to care, New Focus Academy helps teens ages 13-17 that are struggling with autism begin to thrive. To learn more about this premier autism boarding school and the admissions process, please call (844) 313-6749 to speak with an admissions professional today.

Alaska Parents Discover the Benefits of Autism Boarding Schools

For parents, the decision to enroll their child in autism boarding schools is difficult. Even though an autism boarding school may be what is best, parents worry about how their child on the spectrum will adjust to this new place. They often wonder how their child from Alaska will adjust, and whether or not they will be happy there. Parents also want to know that their child’s behaviors will be addressed therapeutically.

While this can be a tough decision, parents from Alaska find that autism boarding schools are the most ideal option for their teen on the spectrum. Not only will they provide extra assistance when other treatment options have failed, they have expert staff specifically trained in the unique needs of children with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental issues.

Our Autism Boarding School’s Evidence-Based Approach

New Focus Academy is a leading autism boarding school that works with teens ages 13-17 that are struggling with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Their clinically sophisticated approach offers students these benefits:

– A chance to complete high school and prepare for the workforce through vocational activities.

– Social skills training is a crucial piece that allows students to foster deeper relationships with peers, family, staff, and the world around them.

– Developing important life skills assists students in gaining lasting independence and are applicable to all areas of life including meal planning and preparation, personal hygiene and self-care, and managing finances.

– Team building activities and adventure therapy help improve decision making and problem-solving skills.

– Real-world opportunities allow for a practical application of what students are learning through coaching and therapy sessions.

– An opportunity to build self-confidence, emotional resilience, and self-esteem by accomplishing challenging, yet manageable goals.

Let’s start planning your child’s successful future.

Our Program Can Help Your Child

New Focus Academy offers a safe, accepting environment supervised by expertly trained staff. Your child will be able to move toward a more independent and full life through research-based approaches and positive reinforcement. Call (844) 313-6749 to learn about New Focus Academy and how this autism boarding school can help your Alaska teen.

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