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Aspergers Boarding Schools Helping Oregon Teens

Aspergers boarding schools provide Oregon adolescents with a supportive environment that helps them improve their academic and social skills. Students who attend these schools typically live at the school instead of at home. As one of the leading aspergers boarding schools for Oregon teens, New Focus Academy helps teens from all over the country gain important life skills and feel confident in themselves. Although based in Utah, New Focus Academy works with families from Oregon and all over the United States. Many of the parents have said that even though their child is away from home, they have strengthened their bond with him during their time at New Focus. This is due in part to the family-focused therapeutic work at New Focus Academy.

At New Focus, our strengths based approach helps students build upon skills that they already have. For our students who have commonly had deficit-based approaches in the past, this is a very empowering shift!

Throughout our program, students our viewed exclusively as individuals. This means that we have an individualized approach to assessment and therapy. Your Oregon teen’s treatment goals are as unique as he is and our parents and students have input to those treatment goals, too.

If your Oregon teen needs an empowering aspergers boarding school, call New Focus Academy to speak with our admissions team.

Finding the Right Aspergers Boarding Schools for your Oregon Teen

Parents seeking aspergers boarding schools that would be the most helpful to their Oregon teen may want to consider a few features before choosing the best fit for their child. It’s crucial that your Oregon son is in a community setting where he feels he can flourish and grow. Finding an aspergers boarding school where the population of students is dealing with the same challenges you son is dealing with can be helpful because staff are trained in helping students with similar issues. These schools will have a background in creating programming designed specifically for teens similar to your child.

New Focus Academy, one the nation’s premier aspergers boarding schools, works with boys ages 12-18. The program helps young men who struggle with neurodevelopmental issues such as autism spectrum disorder (including aspergers) and learning disorders. At New Focus Academy, we help students succeed by providing the structure and tools they need to grow and learn. Combined, our team has many decades of therapeutic experience working with teens struggling with neurodevelopmental issues.

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In addition to our positive student culture and extensive experience, New Focus Academy offers an integrated approach to care. Our multidisciplinary treatment team assists your Oregon teen in becoming more confident and independent. This means that professionals from all areas of your son’s life on campus give feedback and help implement treatment strategies.

Families looking to find the best aspergers boarding school for their teen from Oregon should call New Focus Academy at (844) 313-6749.

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