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What is the difference between a traditional boarding school and an Aspergers boarding school for Hawaii teens?

Aspergers boarding schools for Hawaii teens and traditional boarding schools have several unique differences. The key contrast between the two is what an aspergers boarding school can offer that a traditional boarding school cannot. Within an aspergers boarding school, the main focus is on therapy that is created for the specific purpose of helping teens on the spectrum or with other neurodevelopmental issues. These programs may provide a wide range of services including academic programming, expert staff, and activities that meet the needs of students.

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One aspergers boarding school to consider is New Focus Academy. New Focus Academy is an aspergers boarding school located in Utah. Although we are located away from Hawaii, we have worked with families from all over the US, including Hawaii. In the past, parents have expressed to us that distance away from home has helped their child build independent living skills that they could not have gained close to home.

Our strengths-based approach is truly empowering! Our supportive, home-like environment provides a nurturing setting for students to build important life skills. With small class sizes and practical, real-life curriculum such as budgeting and scheduling, students develop the skills they need to find success and autonomy when they leave.

If you are considering an aspergers boarding school for your Hawaii teen, call New Focus Academy today at (844) 313-6749.

Helping Hawaii Teens Thrive at Aspergers Boarding Schools

At aspergers boarding schools for Hawaii teens, students benefit from a close knit community feel. Many teens on the spectrum can feel isolated and lonely. At New Focus Academy, a premier asperger boarding school for boys, one of the best things about our school is the sense of community and lasting friendships that our students develop!

Traditionally, teenage-hood is the period where individuals begin to drift away from the closeness of their family and start feeling independent. At New Focus, we know just how hard this can be for boys with aspergers. That’s one of the reasons we have weekly social skills groups. At New Focus, students practice building social skills with each other and prepare to utilize those skills back home.

Another way we do this is through our recreational therapy program. Making friends can seem scary, as can trying new things in general. Weekly adventure activities help students begin to work through the obstacles they face. Adventure based activities allow students to feel self confident because they are trying things they never thought they could be good at. In each of the adventure outings students take part in, our experienced staff are present to support and guide students. From rock climbing and cycling to camping and hiking, your Hawaii teen will surely come home with a new favorite activity that he can’t wait to share with the whole family.

If your Hawaii teen could use this experiential approach at our asperger boarding school in Utah, call New Focus Academy today at (844) 313-6749.

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