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Why ADHD Boarding Schools May Be Necessary for Vermont Teens

ADHD boarding schools are an effective option for Vermont families seeking solutions to their teen’s challenges. At ADHD boarding schools, Vermont teens are provided with the specific guidance and resources that can help them build brighter futures.

The struggles associated with your child’s ADHD issues may have caused dysfunction within your family, leaving you feeling stressed and desperate for answers. ADHD has no magic fix or instant solutions. In fact, about half the children diagnosed have other co-occurring mental health issues.

Co-occurring issues that many teens with ADHD struggle with include:

Behavior and Conduct Issues: If struggling with ADHD, teens may experience aggression or anger outbursts when feeling upset. In addition, they may have little regard for structure, rules, and social norms. Often, these challenges can be linked to Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Learning Disorders: Even if a child with ADHD is intelligent, they may struggle with learning disorders affecting reading, writing, or math.

Anxiety and Depression: When your child’s feelings of stress and worry interrupt their daily lives, they may be dealing with a generalized anxiety disorder. ADHD and depression can go hand in hand with your teen’s struggles with self-esteem and self-confidence.

By providing a nurturing, healing environment for Vermont teens to build healthy coping skills, ADHD boarding schools can help your teen.

New Focus Academy specializes in treating the unique needs of each student. We believe that your child is more than their diagnosis. Through our unique stages of autonomy model, we help students build confidence, social growth, and motivation to become productive and self-sufficient. New Focus helps students gain the skills necessary for greater independence and success.

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If traditional school settings proved unsuccessful for your child, an ADHD boarding school may be necessary. Speak to our admissions team by calling (844) 313-6749 to learn more about the program.

ADHD Boarding Schools Are More Than Educational Institutions for Vermont Teens

ADHD can create a variety of issues in traditional school settings for teens struggling with this issue. To make matters worse, many teens with ADHD also struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges like defiance, anger issues, and social issues. For some teens with ADHD, making and keeping friends can be really difficult. They could even be the target for bullies.

If your child struggles in a traditional Vermont school setting, ADHD boarding schools may be the solution. Located just outside of Salt Lake City, New Focus Academy is a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-17. Our supportive, nurturing environment understands the unique needs of children with ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Individualized Therapeutic Program For Vermont Teens

Our therapeutic approaches help young people build and maintain success in numerous life skills. Students enjoy a positive environment where they can develop interpersonal skills to gain social confidence. Throughout their journey at New Focus, students work with therapists and coaches who help them create coping strategies for the emotional and behavioral challenges they are working through. Students have the opportunity to experience growth outside of a classroom setting though weekly fitness, adventure therapy, emotional fluency, and life skills groups.

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ADHD boarding schools {State3}

Along with specialized classes, students at New Focus learn more about what it’s like to have a job in the working world. They get the chance to practice job skills and rehearse them in real-life scenarios. For example, students may have the chance to get internships or a part time job in the community.

If you are considering ADHD boarding schools for your child, New Focus Academy can help. We believe every student should have a chance to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. Reach out to our admissions team at (844) 313-6749 to learn more.

New Focus Academy helps teens struggling with challenges such as:

Level 1 Autism.

Failing school due to learning or behavioral issues.

Generalized anxiety disorder.

Mental health and learning challenges related to traumatic brain injuries.

Nonverbal learning disorder.

Issues communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

Struggling in school due to learning challenges.

Lacking maturity developmentally.


Challenges connected to mood disorders.

Struggles with memory.

Issues with processing speed.

Struggling with issues related to rigidity.

Difficulties related to a fetal alcohol syndrome diagnosis.

Social difficulties.

Sensory issues.

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