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Mississippi Parents Find a Better Understanding of Their Children Thanks to ADHD Boarding Schools

Mississippi parents often have many questions and concerns when a child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHDH). A common myth about ADHD that prevents parents from wanting to ask questions is that it is related to parenting, not genetics. Unfortunately, ADHD is associated with several myths, including:

Medications Will Cure It: ADHD is a chronic condition that doesn’t necessarily go away. It changes over time. By learning how to organize their lives and using proven techniques to manage their condition, teens may be able to eventually end medication therapy.

ADHD is caused by poor parenting: ADHD is related to problems with the way the brain communicates and regulates neurotransmitters. Poor parenting does not cause the disorder. Since ADHD could be challenging to manage, however, inconsistent parenting could worsen the symptoms and behaviors.

My Child Will Grow Out of It: While this used to be a popular belief among doctors and parents, unfortunately, it is not always the case. Up to 85% of adults who were diagnosed with ADHD as children still show symptoms. By making environmental adjustments, taking advantage of strengths, and learning proper coping skills, those with ADHD can live successful, independent lives.

In more severe cases ADHD boarding schools may be the answer. Their intensive therapeutic approaches teach those struggling with ADHD to live healthy, independent lives. Based on your Mississippi teen’s individual strengths and needs, New Focus Academy provides support and structure to meet their needs.

Holistic and clinically sophisticated treatments help your child in all areas of life. Parents learn how to ensure their child with ADHD has the skills to succeed in the future.

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New Focus Academy can help your child if you have been looking for an ADHD boarding school. Please call (844) 313-6749 to learn how this program can change your child’s life.

Mississippi Teens Prepare for an Independent Life at ADHD Boarding Schools

You may wonder about how your child struggling with ADHD or other neurodevelopmental disorders may find future success despite their day-to-day struggles. Some days, it just feels reassuring that your child goes to school on time, makes it through classes, and returns safely. The unique needs and strengths of children with ADHD may not be addressed appropriately in a traditional classroom to prepare for their futures.

ADHD boarding schools recognize that a traditional classroom setting may not be enough for a struggling child to prepare for the future. Through their holistic residential program, New Focus Academy gives every child a chance for independent living.

Helping Families Create A Plan & A Purpose For Their Child

At New Focus Academy, students learn and prepare for life in a variety of ways from earning credits to graduate high school to gaining the necessary skills to function in the working world.

New Focus Academy helps Mississippi using a multidimensional approach that includes:

– Using an evidence-based program to improve a student’s overall cognitive functioning.

– Encouraging healthy living through meal planning and preparation as well as daily physical fitness activities.

– Giving them the opportunity to participate in a hands-on vocational program or to work in a real job in the community to prepare them for the workforce.

– Using intensive therapy and coaching to help build emotional resilience and self-confidence.

– Building on a student’s strengths by teaching and practicing daily life skills.

– Working with each student to develop better interpersonal skills based on their unique social needs.

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ADHD boarding schools

New Focus Academy has helped families of struggling Mississippi teens heal and find success. Call (844) 313-6749 to find out more about how we can help!

New Focus Academy helps teens struggling with challenges such as:

Challenges connected to mood disorders.

Inability to change or adapt.

Issues with processing speed.

Struggling in school due to learning challenges.

Issues communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

Issues related to sensory problems.

Failing school due to learning or behavioral issues.

Lack skills to socialize effectively.

Nonverbal learning disorder.

Struggling to succeed due to Asperger’s.

Difficulties related to a fetal alcohol syndrome diagnosis.

Mental health and learning challenges related to traumatic brain injuries.

Working memory related issues.

Generalized anxiety disorder.

Lacking maturity developmentally.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

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