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Minnesota Parents Find a Better Understanding of Their Children Thanks to ADHD Boarding Schools

Minnesota parents whose child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder often have many questions and concerns. A common myth about ADHD that prevents parents from wanting to ask questions is that it is related to parenting, not genetics. Unfortunately, there are several myths associated with ADHD. Here are a few of the most common:

Medications Will Cure It: Symptoms of ADHD never go away, but they may change over time. Adolescents may be able to eventually end medication therapy if they can successfully learn to organize their lives and use proven techniques to manage their condition.

My Child Will Grow Out of It: Although this used to be a popular belief among doctors and parents, it is usually not the case. Some estimates show as many as 85% of those diagnosed with ADHD have symptoms into their adult life. Teens with ADHD can live successful, independent lives by making environmental adjustments, taking advantage of their strengths, and learning proper coping skills.

ADHD is caused by poor parenting: ADHD is a neurological syndrome that involves problems with the way the brain communicates and regulates neurotransmitters. Poor parenting does not cause the disorder. Since ADHD could be challenging to manage, however, inconsistent parenting could worsen the symptoms and behaviors.

In more severe cases ADHD boarding schools may be the answer. Their intensive therapeutic approaches teach those struggling with ADHD to live healthy, independent lives. New Focus Academy can provide the help, support, and structure your teen with ADHD needs. Your Minnesota teen is regarded as an individual with specific strengths and needs.

Holistic and clinically sophisticated treatments help your child in all areas of life. Parents learn how to ensure their child with ADHD has the skills to succeed in the future.

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#p# Families looking for ADHD boarding schools trust New Focus Academy’s innovative approach. For more information on how our program helps families of children with ADHD who have struggled in traditional school settings, call (844) 313-6749 today!

Minnesota Teens Prepare for an Independent Life at ADHD Boarding Schools

You may wonder about how your child struggling with ADHD or other neurodevelopmental disorders may find future success despite their day-to-day struggles. Some days, it just feels reassuring that your child goes to school on time, makes it through classes, and returns safely. In a traditional classroom, children with ADHD may not be prepared for the future based on their unique needs and strengths going unnoticed.

ADHD boarding schools recognize that a traditional classroom setting may not be enough for a struggling child to prepare for the future. Through their holistic residential program, New Focus Academy gives every child a chance for independent living.

Helping Families Create A Plan & A Purpose For Their Child

At New Focus Academy, students earn credits leading to high school graduation and gain the necessary skills to function in the working world by learning to prepare for life in a variety of ways.

At New Focus Academy, Minnesota teens work closely with clinical staff who support them by:

– Incorporating healthy habits into their lifestyles through meal planning and preparation and daily physical fitness activities.

– Working with each student’s unique social needs to develop better interpersonal skills.

– Preparing for the workforce with a hands-on vocational program or the opportunity to work a real job in the community.

– Using clinically sophisticated techniques to improve student’s overall cognitive functioning.

– Building on a student’s strengths by teaching and practicing daily life skills.

– Using intensive therapy and coaching to help build emotional resilience and self-confidence.

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ADHD boarding schools

New Focus Academy can help your Minnesota teen with ADHD reach their potential. Call (844) 313-6749 to find out more about how we can help!

New Focus Academy helps teens struggling with challenges such as:

Sensory disorders caused by autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Suspended or expelled from school due to learning issues.

Struggling in school due to learning challenges.

Fetal alcohol syndrome.

Issues related to autism spectrum disorder.

Low processing speed.

Mood disorders.

Issues communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

Generalized anxiety disorder.

Lacking maturity developmentally.

Social difficulties.

Challenges created by nonverbal learning disorder.

Inability to change or adapt.

Low working memory.

Traumatic brain injuries.

Struggling to succeed due to Asperger’s.

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