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ADHD Boarding Schools May Be the Answer for Struggling Alaska Teens

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a genetic, neurological disorder that involves problems regulating specific sets of brain functions referred to as executive functioning skills. Executive functioning skills involve attention, concentration, memory, impulsivity, motivation, and socialization. If your Alaska son is struggling with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other neurodevelopmental issues, New Focus Academy, one of the nation’s leading ADHD boarding schools, can help him gain the skills he needs for independence. Differences in ADHD brains may cause difficulties in school, behavior, and dealing with everyday life.

Studies have shown the best approaches to treating ADHD involve a combination of medication and therapy. In some cases, ADHD boarding schools may be a necessary intervention as these facilities provide intensive cognitive behavior therapy as well as the most effective medications to manage the disorder.

New Focus Academy is an intensive ADHD boarding school that helps teens struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders. Despite challenges they might have, New Focus believes each student has the right to find their own independence.

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Healing Alaska Teens at ADHD Boarding Schools

Using clinically sophisticated approaches, Alaska teens engage in educational, vocational, experiential, and social skills training as a holistic approach to healing. New Focus Academy therapists and coaches provide constant supervision, support, and positive reinforcement to help build life skills needed to thrive in everyday life.

Students develop learning skills and coping strategies at New Focus Academy to function better cognitively and emotionally. Our strengths-based approach encourages students to develop personal goals based on their individual needs. During the program, students develop a better sense of self-reliance and confidence to deal with life’s challenges. If your Alaska child has struggled in more traditional school settings, New Focus Academy can help. Call (844) 313-6749 to learn more about our program today!

ADHD Boarding Schools Teach Alaska Teens the Skills to Succeed

Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have many obstacles to overcome, especially in traditional school settings. Medication and therapy sessions are often not enough to solve these issues.

ADHD boarding schools were created because they understand the unique needs of children with this diagnosis and other co-occurring disorders.

New Focus Academy is a premier facility dedicated to helping teens with neurodevelopmental conditions find independence. Their expert staff look beyond the diagnosis and find the strengths and needs of each student.

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Once an individualized treatment plan is created with attainable, yet challenging goals, students engage in the following:

Experiential practice: Real-life community situations allow students to apply the skills they learned in classrooms, groups, and therapy.

Nutrition and wellbeing: Alaska teens are encouraged to develop healthier habits through physical fitness and mindful living.

Vocational training: Beyond the classroom, New Focus students learn essential skills to prepare for a life in the workplace.

Adventure therapy: Supervised team building and adventure therapy activities teach teens to get out of their comfort zone and learn communication, coping, and leadership skills necessary for independence.

Each New Focus student works with trained coaches and therapists that guide them on their path toward independence. Each Alaska student has the opportunity to face their obstacles and gain the motivation and self-confidence to reach their potential through clinically sophisticated approaches, parental involvement, and constant evaluation of progress.

If you are looking for an ADHD boarding school for your struggling Alaska teen, call (844) 313-6749 to see how New Focus Academy’s holistic, evidence-based approach can help.

New Focus Academy helps teens struggling with challenges such as:

Issues related to developmental immaturity.

Level 1 Autism.

Difficulties related to a fetal alcohol syndrome diagnosis.

Mood disorders.

Failing school due to learning or behavioral issues.

Issues communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

Struggling with issues related to rigidity.

Struggling in school due to learning challenges.

Working memory related issues.

Issues caused by traumatic brain injuries.

Issues making friends and connecting with others.

Panic attacks and other symptoms of anxiety.

Sensory issues.

Issues related to autism spectrum disorder.

Issues related to nonverbal learning disorder.

Processing speed related difficulties.

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