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Atypical, The Good Doctor, and the new Power Rangers movie: what do they all have in common? They all include a main character on the spectrum. While neurodevelopmental disorders on tv is more inclusive than ever before for autism in the media, some have pointed out that it’s only showing one side of autism. No […]

If you’re the parent of an adolescent on the spectrum, it’s no surprise to you that kids with autism often feel left out in school. They often feel like outcasts, like they don’t fit in–and their neurotypical peers don’t really try to change that. Autism schools–that is schools created specifically to aid students on the […]

For any teenager, developing social skills is an important part of overall development. Adolescence is a time for fostering independence and creating new friendships. For teens on the autism spectrum, the development of communication skills is especially important. Typically, teens on the spectrum are not loners by choice. As children grow towards adolescents, there is […]

Over 1 million babies born annually in the United States are exposed to some type of drug, alcohol or tobacco use while in utero. While scientists have long espoused the negative impacts of substance use during pregnancy on infants, a 2008 study found that cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco use, either alone or in combination, […]

  Social communication disorder “SCD” affects adolescents both inside and outside the classroom. SCD can make it extremely difficult for adolescents to navigate social situations on a daily basis. Learning the basic rules of conversation is a much more extensive and challenging process. Some things that feel natural or like common knowledge to us can […]

Did you know humans have six basic emotions? Happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. From the day we are born we immediately began learning how to express these emotions and identify them in others. Autistic teens may find it more difficult to understand and express these emotions. Social interaction and quickly become overwhelming and […]

Do you worry about your child who has a diagnosed learning disability? Well, you’re not alone. Many parents worry about their child’s ability to cope with their diagnosis in the school and real-world setting. It’s natural to want your child to achieve academic excellence and success, but remember that’s not the main goal in life. […]

The teenage years become the years in which your teen has a burning desire to assert their independence. They are constantly pursuing reasons to confidently assure you that they don’t need your help. This desire is no different with teens who struggle with autism. Autism is a spectrum disorder and the level of independence a […]

The causes of autism still haven’t been fully discovered. Until we understand it what exactly causes it, it’ll be hard to offer the best possible treatment to individuals on the spectrum. The more we know about the causes, the more we know about how it works and how we can help. Every time new research […]